Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty

One hundred thirty times five is six hundred fifty items.  So hard to believe and yet, I have a seemingly endless supply of items to go.  I had some excellent help from a friend in making a model of a gypsy wagon so I could try out different color schemes.  This had  to be done so I can order the trailer chassis in the proper color.  I have a strong preference, in fact have made up my mind about it now but will wait to announce the winning color combo tomorrow.  I want to get reactions here first without tainting opinions.

I know this is a little thing and will seem unimportant to many but to those of you who spend any time at all opening envelopes, I have to encourage you to buy a Presto letter opener.  It looks deceptively similar to other letter openers you may have used, the same style is often embossed with a company's name and given out to customers.  Don't let the knock offs fool you, only Presto is the real deal and it is phenomenally superior.  I like tools that work well; thought I'd share.

Best Letter Opener Ever

Below are pictures of the little mock up wagon I did  over the last couple of days.  I need to do some reworking, some gluing, some adjustments but you get the idea.  Getting to this point had only one objective, to figure out which color scheme of the four I've had in mind that I want to go with.  In polymer clay there is a technique called the Skinner Blend, it enables you to make a beautiful gradient between two or more colors.  I think it would be fun to have the trailer airbrushed in a gradient blend in honor of the polymer clay work I'll be doing inside it.  So these four blends are ones I've considered:

Raspberry to Butter

Olive to Butter

Peacock to Olive

Raspberry to Peacock

Here are the five items for today:

1.  A bottle of sake.
2.  A bottle of red wine.
3.  A tall yellow candle
4.  A Lyle Lovett CD
5.  A Bonnie Raitt CD


  1. My fav is the raspberry to butter - but you already knew that - ha!



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