Monday, September 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventeen

My mother was the very first blackjack dealer in Reno.  In the late 1950's dealers were all men in tuxedos.  My mom was beautiful.  I mean, really really beautiful.  When she walked into a room heads turned.  She found herself divorced with a whole bunch of kids she needed to support and she was working at a keno desk in one of the casinos.  She realized the dealers were the ones making all the money so she asked if she could deal.  In the end, after much hesitation they acquiesced, presumably because they wanted to have her there as a draw.  (She really was that stunning).  The point of all this is that she taught me some of my original lessons about not being attached to things.  I have so many memories of someone being in my mother's presence and complimenting something she owned which invariably resulted in her gifting that object to the admirer.  I was surprised again and again to see her give up things that I knew she really liked.  As an adult I was actually the recipient of more than one such gift from her.  When I asked her about it she told me that she got more joy from giving the things away to people who liked them than she did in owning them.  I realize that I'm very much like that.  And as I walk across the casino floor and see all the dealers, I realize that I really miss her.

Today's items for donation are:

1. Etch-a-sketch - 4" model
2.  Green tshirt
3.  Brown tshirt
4.  White tshirts
5.  Bottle of sweet smelling body glitter

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