Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Seventy Six

I was sitting at my desk working today and suddenly everything outside changed in an instant...out of nowhere a HUGE gust of wind came up out of the north.  I mean really immense; the trees all bent over to the south and things started flying in the air and then POOF, just like that it was gone.  It was so sudden that I got a chill that ran throughout my body.  I literally witnessed a burst of energy; it took no more than 6 or 7 seconds.  What makes that happen?  I fully expected Mary Poppins to rap on my window with the handle of her umbrella.  It seemed supernatural.

What is it about pictures that makes it so hard to get rid of them?  I was going through a drawer and there amid the spare dice, replacement bulbs for Christmas lights, a 9V battery and an old incense burner was a stack of pictures.  I took them out (got rid of the rest of that stuff) and looked them over but I didn't recognize anyone!  I looked and looked for clues and realized that they might have been friends of the kids that I no longer recognize.  I put them in the trash pile.  Then I felt guilty and took them out.  Then I put them back.  It felt like throwing people away, very weird.  Ultimately I decided there was no honor in keeping them and stuffing them in a box or drawer somewhere to never be looked at again.  They're gone.

These go to donation:

1.  Stupiduel (a card game)
2.  Skip-bo (a card game)
3.  An electronic version of "You Don't Know Jack" which I actually liked because I was good at it...
4.  High Desert Yards & Gardens by Lynne Ellen Doxon - I mean really, I know this stuff
5.  The Backyard Orchardist by Stella Otto - Ok, this might be helpful if I weren't going to ultimately end up on 10 acres of an ancient salt marsh

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