Monday, August 2, 2010

Day Seventy Five

Games people play.  The closet full of games is a real walk down memory lane.  Oddly enough, many of them were not played with much, even in a house with four kids.  There were favorites and there were peripheral games and then the shunned stack.  Either they never learned to play and love them or they played them once and labeled them as "lame".  One aunt and uncle were expert game givers.  Monopoly was J's fave but soon nobody would play with her because she was so ruthless.  She and Leah loved to play Pictionary but soon we wouldn't let them be on the same team.  They did this twin mind meld thing and one would only have to put a tiny scribble on the paper and the other one would yell out "Beatnik!" and be right.  We split them up and then it was fun again.  My mother played with us one time, and only once I believe.  She would draw her picture so small you could cover her rendition of Mt. Rushmore with a dime.  It was completely impossible to discern what she was doing but we laughed so hard that I remember it as a really good time.  Word games were big hits, Scrabble is still played and I've always loved Boggle.   I used to have the kids play Master Mind with me which meant they'd set up the pegs in the secret sequence and I'd guess.  They'd read or something while I methodically figured it out...really loved those times.  The game I played most as a child was good old fashioned aggravation with a board my great grandfather had made.  I used to play it with one of my great aunts endlessly.  She counted really slowly and with the pinky raised on the hand she moved the marble with.  A very endearing quality it turns out, as I remember it so fondly.  This going through things really dredges up the memories.  It is a nice surprise to realize how much I remember!

These games can go:

1.  Guesstures
2.  Set (a matching card game)
3.  Star Wars Epic Duels
4.  Trivial Pursuit '80's edition (yes, a second one)
5.  Trivial Pursuit '90's edition - I don't remember the 90's, I had too many little kids that decade to have paid attention to anything outside the realm of naps, letters and peanut butter

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  1. When my husband and I were a newlywed couple in 1979, we learned much about each other by playing board games. Aggravation was one of our very favorites, and Sorry! was another. We've lost our marbles since then, so to speak, but as we approach retirement, we look forward to many more Aggravation matches. Thank you for the great memories. Misty



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