Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Seventy Seven

Yes, I'm making my blog entry in the morning for a change.  I have a huge day ahead of me and only got three hours of sleep so I figured I'd better do this now or it likely won't get done.  Check out the picture below.  The person riding passenger on the middle camel is a friend of mine.  Honest!  It was taken while she was on a three day trek across India's Thar Desert.  Now, talk about an adventure.  I've been thinking that I may incorporate some WWOOFing on the Gypsy Tour.  There is an international registry and lots of entries for things like helping with the olive harvest in Italy or Greece which appeal to me.  I suppose I could even find something interesting to do in Cornhusker territory to appease Mike.

Went back to my closet.  These are the last of the hanging things:

1.  Yet another long denim dress that I've never worn - this was hiding in the back
2.  A purple acrylic cable-knit sweater - could keep it for camping
3.  A long dress with an overshirt in teal blue with zebras and elephants on it - even writing about it makes me laugh.  Still has the tags on, what a mystery.
4.  A long black dress with a floral print in brown.  Suitable for a school marm.
5.  A yellow button down blouse.  Right color, wrong everything else.

Seriously, does this look like a postcard or what?  She said she wished she'd had Dramamine as the camel ride made her a little seasick.  Allie, you're my hero!  Notice how the colors match my blog design perfectly.   :-)


  1. Corn de-tasseling! Not as glamorous as olive harvesting but it's a gig.

  2. Hey! You start a blog and you don't tell your old buddy Ed! What?

    Looks cool; glad to see Spokane on the gypsy map!

  3. Fun that you described those clothes, LOL!! A few months ago I would have wished for them.

    I love your funny comments, I swear I could listen to you talk and say those amazingly picquant things all day long. Lucky I'll get to see you in 2 weeks (Aug. 21). I hope! 3 Newbies are coming to the meeting, woo hoo. From the BOH Event.

    If you need to get rid of any more jigsaw puzzles, let me know. Hugs!

  4. Jackie,
    The ones I've listed are only as far as "the pile". I'll pull them out and bring them to you at the meeting if you'd like. Glad you like the blog!

  5. Ed, that little flag represents a nice long stay with you and Vicki and the kids. I want purple mushrooms for breakfast with fontina cheese and some Muscovy duck dinners so start planning now. :-) So how'd you find the blog?

  6. Great photo. My single clothing regret is never having returned to you the most wonderful pregnancy outfit ever, I know you recall the summer of 1992 wear: Azure blue overall suspender shorts with pockets and bib and the giant belly section, totally stylish and so comfy. Wore them daily. Gave them away long before 5 a day, and well before you may have wanted them back for you final pregnancy with Reese. Alas. Whoever I gave them to, for sure loved them.

  7. Aw, I think we both regret we don't get to see Shila wearing them; they'd have been a fave of hers as well.I'm betting they have covered plenty of big bellies over the years. So excited that we get to meet your grandchildren soon.



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