Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Seventy Eight

I've had this idea for a while that to successfully market a house you need to not only advertise in real estate venues but you should also just think of things that cause people to come to your house.  In a purge of kid stuff a few years ago I listed many things on Freecycle.  For those who don't know what that is, it is a Yahoo! group where you can list things you have to give away and people contact you via email and say they'll come and get it.  You have the satisfaction of directly seeing who gets your things and I had more than one powerful moment when people picked things up.  The little 9 year old boy who got an incredible collection of Legos will forever be remembered, he lit up like a Christmas tree, it was fun to see.  There are groups in most cities I believe.  I probably listed and gave away 25 or 30 items and about 80% of the people who came here commented that they didn't know there were houses out here and how great the house was and said to let them know if I ever wanted to sell it.  So I've always thought that I'd put some things on Freecycle once I'm ready to sell because you never know what will work.  So I find that when I'm looking for my daily five items that I keep thinking, "That would be great for the Freecycle pile" and it stops me from getting rid of it.  Also,  I haven't transported the pile to the thrift store in two weeks and that means I have 70 things piled up in the living room.  Seeing it amassed like that makes me wonder if I should have a garage sale and try to generate some gypsy wagon funds.  Eek!  Crisis of faith!  I'm going to take it all away tomorrow to save me from myself.

On a different topic, gotta give a shout out to the dog.  I really get a kick out of her.  Had a long day today; went to Sacramento and back.  When I got home it was in the cool of the evening; I turned  the hose on in the front yard and made it arc high in the air and she twisted and squirmed and leapt high into the air  trying to get the water.  It is fun to watch and she smiles from ear to ear as she does it.   For some reason it reminds me of the part in Charlotte's Web where Charlotte encourages Wilbur to inspire her for a new word to weave into her web.  Ava's antics are what I imagine Wilbur did to get dubbed "Terrific".

These things are today's offerings:

1.  A set of two large, cool aqua blue glittery boxes that are for holiday decorating
2.  A few Oreck vacuum bags, just saw that some friends have one of these last week and I'll take them over
3.  A pair of black Lee jeans
4.  A clothes basket
5.  A knee brace, new and in its box


  1. I too believe houses should be marketed to the right people in unique and targeted ways. I once looked at a home overlooking Donner Lake, an absolutely gorgeous home with built ins, custom tile, beautiful features, an indoor hot tub and the sweeping view of Donner Lake. Problem? It sat on a forested cul-de-sac 50 feet above Interstate 80 on an uphill grade, trucks are gearing up and gearing down all day and all night. Problem solved? Target the home to deaf people: value, beauty, prestige and the noise? No factor.

    In our house, "Radiant Pig" is our favorite Charlotte's Web term. You can be Radiant Pig if you just got your hair or nails done, if you sat in the sun too long, or if you have rosy cheeks from red wine. Ahhhh, Charlotte's Web. Dear Kim, you are Radiant Pig. Love Misty

  2. Why does it not surprise me a bit that you guys do that? I remember it was the first book I really fell in love with. There was an illustration in the copy I had where Fern gets the piglet in the beginning and she is holding him in her arms like an infant. The baby Wilbur had incredibly long eyelashes and I can see that picture in my mind's eye as clear as a bell. Some Pig.



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