Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Seventy Nine

The date is August 6th and Reno is in the middle of "Hot August Nights".  There are vintage cars everywhere and tons of tourists in town.  I love the cars and all the fun but not the hot August nights.  It is just hot hot hot out there.  Sooooo, how excited do you think I am that I'm going to San Francisco for three days and that tomorrow's high there is predicted to be 58 degrees!?  I'll be posting from a distance.  I have to pack, I don't have time to visit...

Onto the pile go the following:

1.  A tooled leather belt
2.  A big stack of hangers
3.  Yet another clothes basket
4.  A wicker picture frame
5.  A faux leather picture frame

Here's where the picture frames came from (ok, so I have just a minute to visit).  When my oldest went to kindergarten I framed his picture in a 5x7 frame.  Then when he went to first grade I put that picture in the frame in front of the kindergarten one.  Every year when the new picture went into the frame I'd haul out all the old ones and the kids would look at them.  So I don't really like the frames anymore and decided to just keep the pictures and I'll do something with them later when I have a new place.  Funny thing is that my oldest son had eleven out of thirteen pictures, not bad.  My youngest had three.  Reminds me of my sister who is the youngest of the five in my family.  There are practically no pictures of her.  Who can blame my mom?  By that time she was way too busy for that kind of thing.  She still whines about it to this day though.

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