Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day Eighty

Eighty days!  I counted the entries on the tour map and it is at 25 right now.  So an average of two weeks in each place will take me about a year to complete.  Some stops I plan on staying at for extended periods of time and some for only a short visit.  When you throw in the desire to maybe spend a summer working on Orcas Island and a trip to Italy to pick olives and maybe a little permaculture work in Russia then this thing becomes less of an adventure and more a way of life.  I have always figured that there will come a point when I'll decide I'm ready to give up the nomadic ways and get about the business of building a home for myself somewhere.  Now I find myself hoping it takes longer than I imagined.  Interesting.  My darling dog remains a challenge.  I bought a ten acre dog, not a gypsy wagon dog but I'm completely in love with her.  She's going to need a place to stay until I'm ready to move to ten acres.

These all went to the Kiwanis through the Reno Fire Department.  They were abandoned by kids who bought cars:

1.  Bicycle
2.  Bicycle
3.  Bicycle
4.  Bicycle
5.  Bicycle

Gypsy Tour Map

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  1. I love the Gypsy Tour. I love the concept, the cleansing, the giving, the witty writing, the ten acre dog. It's bitchen, it's all totally bitchen.



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