Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day Seventy Four

Today was incredibly fun, a nearly perfect day.  Sometimes it is hard to not be overwhelmed by the abundance of love and opportunity and appreciation in my life.  The day was full of reminders about possibilities and new life.  Came home late and tired and found a great little gadget in Google Maps that lets you make a custom map with points of interest on it.  I put points I plan to visit on the Gypsy Tour in place.  If you're not on here and want to be, let me know!

Back to the game closet to find more to give away.  These go for donation:

1.  A 550 piece jigsaw puzzle - a boat picture
2.  Trivial Pursuit - '80's Edition
3.  Racko - A card game
4.  The Game of Life
5.  Jumanji game


  1. Way cool map!!! Thanks for sharing this - I've got to make one too! BTW - I love reading your blog - so full of love and appreciation and just plain fun! xoxoxo

  2. Mike wants to know what you got against Cornhuskers?

  3. The midwest is definitely not well represented, got any sweet hook ups for me in Cornhusker country?



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