Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day Seventy Three

Had a huge day today teaching a group of friends how to make cob and earth plaster.  We got the holes patched with cob and plaster on four out of six walls on a great little straw bale greenhouse. We had a lot of fun and laughed and had mud fights and ate delicious food and it was a truly wonderful, albeit exhausting, day.  I love my life.

Finished up with a good dinner with my darling daughter and then said I was too tired to find blog items and sent her upstairs to find five things.

She brought me:

1.  Match -Em - a game
2.  A 200 piece jigsaw puzzle - The Lion King
3.  A 100 piece jigsaw puzzle of a tiger cub
4.  A 550 piece jigsaw puzzle of an Anne Geddes picture of three babies cracking out of egg shells
5.  A 750 piece jigsaw puzzle of a Star Wars pod race

Thanks for your help, J!

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