Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day Ninety Two

Something like this could possibly work for "guest" sleeping.  It would double as a useful item the rest of the time.  At 16" it is a good ottoman height and I always put my feet up when I'm working.  Of course, a very beautiful fabric cover would be necessary.  And tassels for T made with the gadget she convinced me to save from the chopping block.
Sleep Ottoman

Actually, shortly after I found this and starting to put this post together I was contacted by the owner of the vardo that I featured in day 87.  He wanted to clarify that the sleeping space under the bed is more than six feet long and sent me this construction photo which shows that there is a board that bridges that gap making it a usable as a bed for more than just lilliputians.  I have always loved sleeping in really closed places like train cars, berths on boats, etc. so think I could sleep down there anytime I need to feel especially cozy:

Heck, with this as an option and the idea of putting someone on the floor on a bedroll and the ottoman turned into a bed that I could put in a tent and.....stop me!  Soon I'll be holding family reunions in my gypsy wagon.   Many heartfelt thanks to "Paleotool Guy" (didn't get a name).  Check out his blog, he's kickin' it old school in a big way.   I popped over to check out the cool gourd containers he'd made again and imagine my surprise to see he posted my blog there!  Also read an interesting editorial he (assuming the guy who responded to my questions about the bed is Tom H.) wrote about Facebook.  I have always been pretty careful with Facebook.  You won't find my phone number there and I never accept any of the pop in apps, etc.  I also don't put extremely personal information there yet I see others do so all the time.  I feel kind of sad that something that I really appreciate for the connections it has fostered between myself and long lost friends and relatives also has a potential dark side.  Hopefully the fact that I have absolutely nothing to hide protects me.  I will admit that I'm looking forward to the time when I have no house, no permanent address, won't care a bit about my credit score, etc.  Think I'll cash out all my assets and bury them in a metal box on my property.  Just kidding...but if you go digging holes looking for it, please leave a tree in every hole that turns out to be empty.  I'm thinking black locust, thank you very much.

Today these things hit the pile:

1.  Blue jeans
2.  Blue jeans in a ridiculous length
3.  Blue jeans
4.  Khakis
5.  The shirt I was wearing the day I asked for a divorce - brings up so much garbage every time I look at it that I'm lettin' it go even though it is has a graphic on it that I designed.  sigh

These five items represent the very last of the extraneous stuff from my bedroom closet.  HUGE feeling of accomplishment.  Hanging there now are only a few things and I love them all.


  1. Tom is just a guy whose writings I love. Check out his stuff at and maybe even purchase something if you are so inspired. Thanks for the compliments though.

    Are you going to build the "don vardo"?.

  2. Just popped over to The Idler. I can tell I've just found another place to check out over coffee. I am in total agreement about keeping things simple, small and real. Soon I'll have no address, no job, no debt. My life will center around spreading joy and enjoying the people and activities I love the most. I bought the Don Vardo plans because I thought there would be valuable construction details. While I can build a 7'x12' box, I wanted to make sure it was engineered to be road worthy. A friend who is a builder is putting them into AutoCad and resizing it for me. I want mine to be much closer in size to what you built, I'm thinking 12' or maybe even 14' interior length with a 30" porch on the back and a 5' tongue on the front.



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