Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Ninety One

Oh, the things we carry around with us.  My son brought the last load of things from the apartment to the house today.  He came into my office and said, "I've got some dog food for you."  (My dog is on the raw meat diet)  He had a big beef heart and a beef tongue from the freezer.
I said, "She loves heart and I don't know how to cook that but I'll cook the tongue for us."
"Mom", he said, "I've had this thing frozen for years and moved it the last three times I've moved.  I'd love you to cook some tongue for me but can we maybe get a newer one?"

See?  Kids are an absolutely endless source of amusement.  But this does highlight the tendency to hang on to things beyond their reasonable usefulness.  Not just old meat but lots of things.  The time for stretchy book covers has long since passed in this house, for example; yet I had more than a dozen hanging around taking up space in desk drawers.  While they were still perfectly functional they weren't doing anyone any service.  If you asked me if I am someone who does spring cleaning I would answer 'yes'.  Now I realize that washing the curtains and couch slipcovers isn't all that it entails.  If I had gone through the desk once a year I'd have not only eliminated a bunch of this clutter in reasonable increments but would have been able to avoid throwing away things that I have had to pitch because they sat around so long they're no longer useful - dried up markers, crunchy erasers, etc.  Like the tongue, they simply hung around too long.  Ava will love it though; too bad she doesn't eat erasers.

Today I let go of more toiletries for the tent city families, all nearly full:

1.  Turn Up The Heat heat protection spray
2.  Green Tea Therapy lotion
3.  Straight and Shiny fixative gel
4.  L'Oreal StudioLine liquid gel
5.  d:fi smoothing serum

This lot of items makes me feel really wasteful to have all these nearly full bottles of this stuff around.  What is it with us and our hair?  Or, realizing I'm generalizing, me and my hair?  Pretty relieved to be down to a natural style with no blow dryer, curling or flat irons involved but dang it took me a lot of years.  My hair was my one real vanity all my life.  I recently asked a friend with naturally curly hair how she tames it because mine only looks good about half the time.  She said that's the deal with curly hair, good hair days and bad hair days.  I can live with that.

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  1. I'm reading and smiling many late nights.... you're doing so well. Hugs! ~Jackie

  2. Thanks, fellow night owl. Looking forward to Saturday, except I've misplaced my camera! I have to make a concerted effort to find it in time.

  3. ...oh, I think she'd eat the erasers...and the book covers. Actually, knowing Ava she would only eat the erasers if Mommy cooked them in au jus.

    I was never jealous of Frieda with the "naturally curly hair." Better to have the occasional "helmet head."

  4. Yesterday when I made Ava's breakfast and the house filled with the smell of meat and garlic, Isak was decidedly disappointed to find I was making it for the dog.



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