Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Ninety Three

I have worked 33 hours in three days.  I LOVE my life.  I can do it that way when I want to.  A few days ago a problem that had been plaguing me for about the past ten weeks resolved itself and I felt this incredible surge of power and focus.  Now every I is dotted and every T is crossed and nobody has had to pay me for substandard work done because I had to be at a workplace regardless of my energy or competency level.  It is also important to me that I haven't been driving back and forth across the valley using gas and contributing to pollution; I read somewhere that the single most important contribution that employers can make to help with the environment is to allow employees to work from home whenever possible.  So here's to my employers who both gave a resounding "yes" when I asked if I could work from home.  You might ask to do the same, you never know - soon you could be working in your pajamas with a dog at your feet, too.  In keeping with that theme, check out this website:  The Idler   There is some fascinating information available including a piece about taking your social security at your earliest possible age, investing the money, paying back the principle to the IRS right before you're 70 and then reapplying at the higher rate.  (Look in the article Ditch Your Day Job) For those who can afford to live without it in the interim it is a great way to earn a tidy dividend.  There are calculators you can use to figure out what it would mean to you.    Isn't it wonderful that there are so many ways to be?

Tonight I took down a bin from the top of a closet that I have been avoiding going through.  I knew what was in it.  I have over the years had a few articles of clothing that I have been patently unable to let go of regardless of size or fashion or utility.  It would have been funny to have me on film taking each item out and examining it, holding it up and admiring it, smelling it and then sorting it.  Then I'd pick something up off the "to go" pile and put it back in the bin.  Then something from the bin onto the pile.  Then another item back in the bin.  Clearly this was trickier than I bargained for.  And there isn't a doubt in my mind that into the storage shed that I rent while I travel will be this bin with a few treasured pieces of clothing inside.

In the end I was able to part with the following:

1.  A filmy fuchsia nightie with a 12" wide lace border at the bottom (as soon as I typed the word fuchsia I realized that the color and the lace will be perfect in the gypsy wagon and that this must be repurposed...into the pile of gypsy wagon essentials it goes)
1.  A black and sparkly gold tube top (I kid you not.  Hey - I danced my ass off as a sexy underage vixen in the discos of Las Vegas in the 70s...Dirty Sally's and Diana's Banana; big fun.)
2.  A little tank top with red hearts on it - honestly don't know how that made it into the special bin
3.  A(nother) pair of black jeans 
4.  A(nother) pair of Levi's - loved how these used to fit me.  "Used to" being the operative phrase.
5.  A(nother) pair of jeans - I think I kept these because someone special gave them to me.  She is gone and now so are the pants.

Tucked away safely between layers of clothing I found something I had completely forgotten I had.  I have made one little stained glass piece in my whole life.  I think it is going in the gypsy wagon with me.  Because I absolutely love it.  It now lies nestled on top of the fuchsia nightie just like it was in the bin.  Who knew?

Don Vardo Plans
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  1. My darling, you make my heart swell and burst. I seem to remember some fairly scanty articles of clothing lo these many years ago but not, thank you jeebus, tube tops.

  2. I love the site you recommended!!! Thanks - I'm learning so much! From it AND you! Love you bunches!

  3. The Idler is GREAT!. I really recommend to last two volumes as well "Smash the System" and "Back to the Land". Due to high shipping rates, it was much cheaper for me to get them through Amazon UK.

    I love the little stained glass. That sort of thing will make a nice little widow light in the wagon.

  4. Which reminds me, I wanted to ask you if there is any kind of ventilation like a small window down below the bed where that little bunk is. I'm glad you like the little bird, and I think a widow light sounds like a great use for it. At first I was designing the interior in my head with things I would buy. Then I had a paradigm shift from emptying out so much of my house and realizing how many things I already have that I can use. Now I'm going to try to keep new things to a minimum in the decor and think it will be great to take the comforts of home along with me. Idler thinking there, right? ;-)

  5. No window down there yet but I think I will put one in. Just a little vent of some sort to let in natural light and fresh air.



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