Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day Eighty Three

Big step today.  I conferred with my builder friend and he agreed that buying a set of vardo plans, even if they need to be modified, would be a good idea as opposed to creating them from scratch.  So I'm supporting Portland Alternative Dwellings and have purchased theirs.  I want mine to be bigger but that will be easy to change.  These women have over engineered this for road stress and paid a lot of attention to details.  I'm beside myself with excitement and will go look through them as soon as I finish this.  They came as a nice, easy .pdf file download.  If you want a set of your own, there is a link to them at the bottom of this post.  So I have a big deficit of items and had better get listing!

1.  Nice, soft, warm red knee socks
2.  Speedo sport bra
3.  Soft cotton sport bra
4.  A blouse made from two scarves sewn together with openings for your head and your arms
5.  A white chiffon scarf
6.  A bold graphic print sarong from an African dance class I took long ago
7.  A scarf that matches
8.  A HUGE green chiffon scarf - tempting to keep it but it is kelly green and I don't tell fortunes
9.  Triangular shawl that is crocheted (machine) and fades from blue to white
10.  A patchwork skirt - long and in great gypsy floral prints but just doesn't work for me
11.  Pretty silk scarf in jewel tones
12.  Bag of good quality bras in great condition
13.  Jethro Tull tshirt from "The Broadsword and the Beast" concert I saw in Munich in 1982
14.  A bookbag/backpack left behind by one of the kids
15.  A little velvet amulet purse

Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map

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