Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Eighty Two

Ok, very late entry today.  I'm with friends in Grass Valley in their newly completed straw bale home.  To say it is magnificent sounds inadequate.  It is a truly thoughtful design the way it steps down a hillside towards the pond at the bottom of their property.  It feels womb-like inside and each wall is like a piece of sculpture, each window an inviting portal to what lies beyond.  If I ever do build myself a house in the Big Smoky Valley it has to be from straw bale.  There is nothing like it.

Starting tomorrow I'll be back on track and pay back my debt of items!  For now:

1.  IOU
2.  IOU
3.  IOU
4.  IOU
5.  IOU

Notice the "truth windows" on the wall showing exposed bales.

Don Vardo Plans

Gypsy Tour Map

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  1. Wow, wow, wow!!! Wish we could see pics of the outside of the house. The truth windows are sooooo fab. Now, back to tossing crap out!



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