Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Sixty Two

I want to learn how to draw.  What is that thing that is innate in some and missing in others?  I've watched kids pick up a pencil with hands barely capable of the task and then proceed to draw compelling pictures.  I had a friend who could sit putting dots on a page in what looked like totally random scatters at first and then the dots became a majestic eagle in flight over a canyon.  Me?  I can't even draw a decent stick figure.  I guess that is why I like my hands in clay so much, no pencils involved.  Maybe when I'm traveling I'll have time for "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".  So I'm not donating it.  Just in case.

What I am letting go of:

1.  A sewing pattern for little muslin angel ornaments
2.  A sewing pattern for reindeer doorstops - don't ask, I don't even remember
3.  A kids bike helmet
4.  A pair of 3 pound dumbells
5.  A gadget I bought that supposedly stops you from snoring.  This one is unused as they sent me two for some reason and the first didn't work so why bother with the second?  Reminds me of this strange memory I have from my childhood of some horrible gadget that hooks to a doorjam that my great aunts used to sort of hang from to keep from developing double chins (this thing is a strap gizmo that is supposed to pull your chin out while you sleep but made me look like Hannibal Lecter, did not stop me from snoring and left gouges on my face for hours after I took it off - the things we do)

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