Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day Sixty Three

Ok, a story in the news today tells about a kid who took a cell phone someone gave him and traded it on Craig's list through 14 successive trades until he ended up with a Porsche.  Also had a friend coping with a cancer diagnosis who said she just kept imagining that in her next doctor appointment they'd tell her it had all been a mistake.  Guess what?  Her doctor told her today that the pathologists made a mistake.  Benign fibroid tumor, no cancer.  Want a new restaurant?  Make a poster about it and focus on it and BAM! you're signing the lease.  All these incredible things really happen every day.  I'm going to continue focusing on my little vardo and I've no doubt that soon it will be in my driveway.  :-)  Everybody concentrate!

Today I am donating:

1.  A sewing pattern for little stuffed rabbits - sorry sister, never got around to these
2.  A brand new Susan Bates "Trim Tool" for making fringe and tassels - I can't imagine when I got this or why
3.  Yet another stretchy book cover
4.  A beautiful 8" tall gumby doll
5.  A big stack of construction paper


  1. Your number 2 is explainable by your subconscious foreknowledge of the vardo. What self-respecting gypsy wagon doesn't need lots and lots of tassels? Keep your eye on prize. If anyone can do it, you can.

  2. Ok, I'm taking the tassel maker back! Putting in a bag of markers as a replacement.



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