Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Sixty Four

I mean really.  Who, when making lovely, wonderful smelling, blissfully textured handmade soaps thought it would be a good idea to include some pine needles to make it look pretty?  I'm happily soaping up and the tip of a pine needle worked through the soap and really gouged me.  Sheesh.  Kinda wrecked the relaxation mood.

I have a drawer in the kitchen that I avoid at all costs.  It is a big nest of cords; adapters and headphones, speaker wire and extension cords.  You get the picture.  Anyone else have this drawer?  I dumped it out and sorted through and neatly wound the cords around their adapters.  As I was doing it I was enjoying the air from this great little fan that a friend gave me recently.  It is small but very mighty and I've been carrying it around from room to room with me.  The only drawback it has is that it is battery powered and I really do try to avoid battery operated gadgets because of the toxicity and the problems with their disposal.  So I look at an adapter and on a whim plug it in to a little hole on the side of the fan.  It did not come with an AC adapter or even mention of one.  It fit.  So I got my little screwdriver out and removed the battery cover and took them out.  I plugged it in, feeling pretty smart, and it made the fan blades wiggle back and forth ever so slightly and immediately smelled like burned electrical wire.  :-(  I unplugged it.  Checking the other adapters I found another one that fit.  Same result.  :-(   Rooting through the pile I found one more that fit and tried again.  Third time's a charm!  It worked and I feel terribly smart.  The fan is much more powerful even, I think the batteries were running down.  Makes me glad I kept this stuff around.

Now I can let them go:

1.  A pair of ipod earphones
2.  Gallon size zip lock bag full of adapters - hey, they fit something, somewhere, right?
3.  A bundle of speaker wire
4.  Another dog leash - way too wimpy for my little pony
5.  A cordless phone

These pictures are of my wonderful visit with my great niece and nephew last weekend.  Sprinklers on in the meadow brought fun relief from the heat!

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  1. How lovely the red hats(?) are in the meadow!!! And how cute the kids are! Loved the pictures.



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