Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Sixty Nine

Big gypsy wagon progress day today!  The SIP salesman finally showed me the panels.  I was going to take a picture but it was all so anticlimactic that I decided to pass.  Besides, big red ants were trying to bite my Birkenstock-clad feet so I couldn't stand still long enough. The panels have been stored outside and are just stacked on some pallets with a bunch of stuff on top of them.  Basically, they're made of polystyrene sandwiched between pieces of waferboard plywood that are 4 1/2" thick.  I guess it would have been a good picture just to show that I really can see a diamond in the rough.  The price is right.  Now I have to talk to my good buddy that is a builder and ask him about a dozen questions and sit down with my graph paper and see if I can make the panel sizes work.   The guy was super nice but I did get the impression he wanted me to commit and whip out my checkbook right on the spot even though it took him nearly eight weeks from when I first contacted him to show them to me.  On the way back from there I stopped in at the Habitat for Humanity building supply place, something I've been meaning to do for a long time.  There wasn't a whole lot of stuff available but what they had was CHEAP.  There was a beautiful brand new Kohler pedestal sink and deluxe toilet in a dreamy shade of navy blue for only $30.  Too bad I don't need them.  Doesn't make much sense to buy them and store them for years in case I really do build myself a little house and still think they are dreamy in a few years, does it?   

What I did buy myself is this beautiful porch light.  

Very cool, no?  Doesn't it just scream gypsy wagon?  And the four little glass sconces....I put a votive under one for you to see...

I have a close friend who has been collecting these for years and will scatter them all over her patio with candles glowing inside which sets a wonderful mood.  I figure my sister can paint fanciful gypsy flowers on mine for me and there are just enough to set the mood on a tiny little 30" wide back porch.  Oh!  Remember the picture with the little lights on the steps?  They'd be perfect for that. The lamp was $1 and the sconces set me back 50¢ apiece.  

Honest, ONE dollar.

Not a bad start, eh?  Also popped in at an RV place and talked to the sales guy about a used dinette that I could reupholster and install.  I keep thinking it would be nice to have overflow sleeping for one person in case a kid or a friend meets up with me on the road.  He couldn't help himself, he tried to talk me into a travel trailer instead.  He was very sweet, actually, but keep looking at me like he was sure I'd suffered some sort of a head injury to be considering doing what I plan on.  C'est la vie, no?  Need to make this into a sticker:

Today I let go of:

1.  An unopened package of decals for fingernails
2.  A pair of bottle cozies - to keep your beer cold
3.  A baseball glove
4.  A pretty embroidered place mat in a shade of green I hope to never have in my home again
5.  Yet another big baggie of pens and markers

I cleared out two drawers today; I live in a house with empty drawers...weird.


  1. Whoo hoo!!! Progress - I love it! Where did I read that saying recently? I thought of us when I read it and thought how true...

  2. It's way too cool! Mom, I gotta be around when you start building this thing

  3. Leah, I'm counting on you over Christmas break. When you're home next month I want you to check out my light switches!

    Peggy, I've seen it around for years; it is a perfect saying, right?



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