Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Sixty Eight

Simplify.  Sounds, well, ummmmm, simple, right?  I've had this license plate for years:

I have a very dear friend who is a mighty powerful woman.  Energy levels that are almost unreal, a big heart and talent and perseverance to go with it.  We've been friends for something like 18 years I think.  We would go months at a time without ever even talking on the telephone; we were both busy.  When we did talk it was like it had only been yesterday since we'd spoken.  Never any guilt.  That is why we kept each other!  She dropped by one time years ago and we had a long talk about sustainability.  She got very energized and literally left my house and went to a car dealership and turned in the vehicle that she was driving that she didn't want to make the payment on any longer.  She left in a used station wagon she could afford and when she registered the car she got the personalized plate "SMPLIFY".  Fast forward a few years, she gets a wonderful opportunity to join a major public relations firm and takes it.  The old station wagon is no longer working for her so she goes down and buys a brand new Excursion.  Remember the Excursion?  It is what environmentalists hated before they hated Hummers.  A beast of a vehicle with eight seat belts.  I looked at that thing and said two things, "I can never show up anywhere with you in that thing, I'll have to drive separately" and "Hell no, you may not have the plate SMPLIFY on that beast." So she turned in the plate and got EXCRSME instead.  (Say it with sarcasm...."well excuuuuse me", right?)  I hopped online and took the license plate.  The point is I've been thinking about this stuff for a really long time, about seventeen years actually.  What I've decided is that the term "the simple life" is a real misnomer.  There is nothing simple about living sustainably.  It is complicated and takes a lot of thought, creativity, flexibility and commitment.

Went through my CDs today.  I've digitized most of my collection over the years but still have some disks.  These can go:

1.  Tina Lear - The Road Home
2.  Tina Lear - Gotta Go! (an autographed copy
3.  Tina Lear - Full Moon Big Circle
4.  Diane Schuur - Pure Schuur
5.  And a set of postcards with pictures of Hawaii

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