Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Sixty Five

First things first.  Here is a sentence I've been wanting to put here for a while:  Sent my favorite cousin her birthday earrings today!!  With much love I might add.

On the topic of clearing, today was a day for small things.  I found a basket into which I placed the contents of a shadow box I used to have hanging on the wall of my bedroom.  I let go of the shadow box itself long ago.   I know that each and every thing in it had some meaning at some time but today as I picked each thing up I realized that I couldn't even remember the origin of many of them.  So I sorted into two piles, things that hold meaning for me and things that don't.  After that first edit I then took the "meaning - less" things and decided if I even liked them or not.

These things didn't make the cut:

1.  A little angel encased in acrylic - like  a worry stone for your pocket or something
2.  A small wooden chicken
3.  A carved camel - I adore camels but this one isn't very interesting
4.  A pewter bull - skinny and with huge horns
5.  A usb to firewire cable (not a shadow box item but in the same basket for some reason)

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