Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Sixty Six

Uh-oh.  I knew this would happen eventually.  I usually write this and gather up the things to give away in the evening, often the late evening.  Yesterday I was celebrating the birthday of a dear friend and didn't get home until past midnight.  At one point in the evening it occurred to me that I should have cared for my blog before I left for the party but then those goddesses plied me with liquor and I forgot all about it.  Hard to compete with the company of fabulous women dancing and drumming in the light of a nearly full moon on a cool evening.  You understand.  I'll do two today to catch up.

Today Yesterday I let go of:

1.  A flat iron for hair
2.  A curling iron with a big barrel
3.  A curling iron with a little flat barrel for making corkscrew ringlets
4.  A curling iron/blow dryer combination with detachable barrels in two sizes
5.  A large vented brush for blow drying  hair

Initially I simply took everything to Goodwill.  Now I've been given excellent info by various blog readers about places to take specific items so I now separate things by category.  These things have been carefully washed and will go to Step 2, a center for women who have left abusive relationships.  They also get all the clothing I let go of that fall into the category of work clothes - all the nice jackets and slacks and blouses.

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