Friday, July 30, 2010

Day Seventy Two

The heat of summer is not my favorite thing.  I'm more a 70 degree kind of girl.  So now, just now, as almost all color and light are gone from the sky leaving a silver tinge above the Sierras is my favorite time.  The air is cool, there is a light breeze blowing and when I went out to put the chickens to bed the sweet spicy aroma of the meadow was full and rich.  Maybe summer isn't so bad; makes me think of the song in Grease (feel free to picture me singing...)   Summer days driftin' away but OHhhhhh those suhummmmmer niiiiiyites.  Goodnight all.

Today I donate:

1.  An adorable little tiny pink kitten collar with jewels on it
2.  A blue dog leash
3.  A green dog leash
4.  A childproof outlet cover...let's see, who do I know having babies that will need about 100 of these...?
5.  A pair of round cake pans

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