Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day Seventy One

On all things small....I saw the tiniest hummingbird today.  I was working and I could hear the telltale buzz and stopped to spot him in the trumpet vine a few feet away, just outside the window.  I got these great pictures!  The opposite of small is large and that is the size of the quail population in my front meadow.  There are a few different families living here and they have reproduced like Catholics....(that one's for you, T).  Today they were eating seeds and greens and a bunch of the adolescent (aka creepy teenager) quail jumped up on my porch railing.  I got one quick picture off before they flew back into the cover of the flowers.  Very fun.  You have to click on these pictures to enlarge them and get the full effect.

I have this one really BIG thing that I want to try to incorporate into my gypsy wagon.  It is a silk lampshade that measures about 30" across.  Right now it sits atop a beautiful antique lamp of dark wood with a table in the center but it is removable and just the right color....a deep red.  Couldn't I just put one of those simple light bulb fixtures on a cord through the center and have it for a reading light or something?  I can't imagine storing it and I really love it. Not everything has to be small, right?

Tackling the game closet now.  Was just informed that games make excellent wedding gifts.  I have such smart friends!

These go...maybe I'll take some to the homeless shelter!

1.  A Hallmark puzzle of a Tiffany window, 1000 pieces, all there (didn't count, remember taking it apart)
2.  Quiddler
3.  Last Word
4.  In The Garden - a cool tessalation puzzle game
5.  A wooden cigar box filled with African themed zoo animals and finger puppets


  1. The trumpet vine is superb. The Anna's Hummingbird, weighing in at a scant 4.8 grams is superb. The creepy teenager is superb. The fact you got there in time with your camera, amazing.

    I had a pair of western tanagers blasting toward my office window about 7am Wednesday. The male made the cut at the last second and hopped on a branch. The female smacked straight in, tiny feathers flying and falling immediately to her death. I burst into tears, I saw the whole thing, the male sat in the tree for a few seconds like, "bro, where are you? hey, where'd you go?" and I went out, Gary kindly picked up her little warm body up for me and put her in my hand and I cried hard as I walked her out under the big tree in the meadow and laid her down and covered her with some dried flowers. Oh, it made my heart hurt so bad. I have a love hate relationship with glass. I love it for everything, I hate it for birds. :(

  2. So sad about the bird, a sweet couple out for a joyride. I love that you know exactly what kind of hummer is in my picture and what it weighs. How about a bird feeder suction cupped to your window in your office? You could see them up close and personal and it might prevent tragedy?



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