Friday, July 2, 2010

Day Forty Four

Went and saw Toy Story 3 for the second time today and there is a scene where they get sent to the landfill.  All the trash goes down a big conveyor belt with a powerful magnet over it that extracts the metals.  Then the remaining garbage goes through huge cutters that turn it all into little chips.  Dead blenders are indiscernible from egg cartons and throw pillows.  Does it really work that way?  I always thought it was just squished and buried.  At any rate, it made me feel dirty to see all the waste.  As I continue to pile things up and let them go I can't help but equate all these "things" with the life energy it took to acquire them.  I can't tell you how many times in the past six weeks I've picked up something in a store and then put it back, unable to buy it.  I am suddenly very protective of myself, my dreams, my energy.

Strolled through the kitchen and found the following:

1.  A pizza cuttter
2.  A corkscrew
3.  A garlic press
4.  A nut cracker
5.  A cheese slicer


  1. As someone who HAS NOT SEEN Toy Story 3 even once I must ask you to preface any more spoilers with an alert. Gee whiz. Love you.

  2. Sorry, my love. That snippet will not ruin any part of the movie for you, I promise. I'll not tell you their fate. I will tell you that you must go see it, it is wonderful. Can't believe you didn't take Maggie last week!

  3. I took Maggie to see Eclipse the day it opened...she had already seen TS3, darn the luck. Alex came with us as far as the ticket booth and jumped ship for Toy Story however. Too bad cause there were a lot of very vampire-inspired teenage girls who might have been open to romance with another pasty, white kid.



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