Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Forty Three

The story about going through my mother's sewing machine brought up memories for quite a few people.  Discussing it today has made me realize that it is much easier for me to let go of things that are mine than things that were someone else's but entrusted to me.  One friend pointed out that the blog post reminded her of homemade outfits from her childhood.  She said that even though she has her mother's sewing machine back east stored in a closet with her name on it she is unlikely to bring it here as it would sit unused and just require dusting.  I think that sometimes just dusting off the memory is enough.  I will have to rely on the memory of a lot of these things as the items will be gone gone gone and I couldn't be happier about it!

More from the seemingly bottomless closet today.  I can't believe all this stuff....

1.  A berry colored button down blouse
2.  A denim shirt
3.  A denim dress (I must have gone through a denim phase that I don't remember - I never wear anything denim except jeans now)
4.  A checkered jumper suitable for a twenty year old
5.  A chenille jacket, yep, I said chenille and yep, it looks like a bedspread

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  1. I find that a picture will do just fine to spark the memory. And it's so much smaller - ha! Love ya!



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