Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Forty Five

During a phone conversation with a friend I haven't talked with in a while I tried to explain what my plan is, what it is I'm working towards.  She just couldn't grasp it.  "Getting rid of all your stuff?"  "What about that nice rug you have?"  "Your're not going to get rid of the frog bird bath are you?"  etc.  I said I'm tackling this like a design project.  I remember an excellent patterning workshop I took years ago where the instructors hiked the eight students to a point on an 80 acre piece of property in New Mexico and said to us, "Ok, this is the answer.  Over the next four days you need to figure out the question."  It remains one of the most instructive processes I've ever experienced.

So for me now the answer is, I'm going to live largely untethered in a variety of different places for an undetermined amount of time and then see what I want to do next.  The only questions really are what I need to take with me, what I can do without, and how can I do it on a very limited income.

I can certainly do without these five things:

1.  A package of pink birthday cake candles
2.  Two easter egg coloring kits
3.  A wooden napkin ring
4.  A package of green 12" balloons
5.  A set of camp silverware - knive, spoon, fork all connected  (This gypsy will travel with two sets of exquisite silverware.)

I like the concept of this little work table on wheels that can come out like this...still really trying to figure out the design of the work space in the Gypsy Wagon.  It could travel in line and then come out when I'm parked.

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