Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Fifty Seven

I asked my oldest son today if he reads my blog.  He said no.  When I looked disappointed he said, "Really, Mom; a red sweater here, a tennis racquet there."  He has a point.  But hey, I didn't promise philosophy or poetry or something incredibly witty on a daily basis.  I promised to get rid of five things a day and occasionally comment on how it feels.  Today, for a while, it felt a little confusing.  I haven't been to the thrift store in two weeks so there are 70ish items in the living room waiting for the trip.  Seeing it amassed like this gives me momentary pause, leads to crazy thoughts like "What if instead of giving all this away I sold it?  I could afford the gypsy wagon in no time."  But then I checked my email and got a lesson on the reality of selling things.  I listed a set of golf clubs including the putter in a nice leather golf bag for $30 on Craig's List, figuring I'd try to sell some things that seemed valuable enough to mess with.  Today I got an email from someone who said she'd like them but wanted to know "how cheep (sic) I'd be willing to sell them for".  I don't know if $30 really seems like a lot of money for golf clubs and a bag to her or if she is just especially broke right now or if she loves to negotiate and wants to see how little she can get them for or if she really even wants them.  And in the end, I'd rather not have to try to figure any of that out.  I'd really rather just give everything away.  So the confusion has passed for now.  It is crystal clear to me that I need to get rid of all these things, that they are weighing me down and that if I leave this project till the end I won't be able to do it thoughtfully, carefully.  And that I want $30 for those golf clubs.

Today I'm giving away the following:

1.  A large clothes basket
2.  A small clothes basket
3.  A cigar box
4.  A pretty little ceramic picture frame
5.  A pretty decorator plate that says something sentimental on it


  1. I read your blog every morning and I love it - and you! For me, it's not about whatever you are getting rid of that day, although sometimes the feelings that arise from getting rid of things that invoke memories and have history, invoke some of my own. Sometimes of things I hadn't thought about for years and I love that! But mostly, it's the sharing of thoughts, perspectives, and feelings of this "adventure". Kids - what do they know??? I'm sure my kid would say the same thing and probably I would even say the same thing if I were their age. They don't have the life experience yet that we do. That's one of the things I like about being older. So keep on sharing! Love you!

  2. When do children realize how totally awesome their parents are? I mean is there a specific age? Cause, really...

  3. I have it on good authority that it is like 35. Neither of my parents lived long enough for me to be smart about them. There's a lesson there.



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