Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Fifty Eight

There is an interesting subcurrent to the process I've undertaken here.  Not only have I vowed to get rid of five things a day, I've also vowed to not go into debt even a single penny to build the gypsy wagon.  I can only fund it with proceeds from things I sell.  So far that means the goats and some jewelry.  I have the cash stashed.  I'm working towards getting my super cool 1971 GMC truck listed and selling my hydroseeder, those are the big ticket items that should fund the project.  I can't remember the last time I didn't just pull out the Home Depot card or the Visa to get what I want.  Get it now, pay for it over the next year.  Or many years in some cases.  I feel like the problems of the nation have influenced me.  Except instead of being someone who can't get credit, I've become someone who won't use credit.  I can get lots of credit, an astonishing amount actually.  The thing I'm realizing is that not only will my gypsy wagon be all the more valuable to me because of buying it this way, but that as I hesitate to pull out the plastic for other things, I find that in a day or two the impulse to buy whatever it was passes; bank account intact.  Interesting feeling.  Brought up a memory of wanting to buy my mother a snowball bush for Mother's Day one year but not having enough money saved and having my aunt loan me the difference.  I think that was the first time I borrowed money!  I was maybe 12 or 13.  That shrub is HUGE now, saw it a couple of years ago.

Today I got rid of:

1.  A dog leash
2.  A dog collar
3. Dreamweaver 4 by some computer geek (don't worry Eva, this isn't your book)
4.  A green parachute
5.  An orange and white parachute (these last two to a friend going to Burning Man, and he is the reason I can let go of #3, so grateful for him)

Ok, I took this at the wrong time of day and it isn't the greatest picture but you get the idea, right?  Had the idea for this gate years ago, finally got around to making it and today got it hung.  Thanks to both of my sons who helped with different stages of the process.  So glad they're strong and capable! The center piece at the top is a huge faceted crystal and when the sun shines through it the rainbows dancing on the meadow are incredible.


  1. Catching up on your blog! missed a couple of days.
    Parachutes.........?? skydiving??? wow!
    Sold three Goddesses!

  2. NO WAY!!!?? That is very exciting. Thank you thank you thank you. Gypsy wagon money. Woo hoo! Never been skydiving. The parachutes are from my own times at Burning Man. I'm not sure I have another one in me so I gave them to Christian. He and I have a long history of doing nice things for each other.

  3. Oh Kimbo, it turned out so nice! Nice of the boys to help out too.



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