Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Fifty Five

As I get rid of more and more things there is a strange shift happening in my home.  I have been focusing on the things in my immediate environment and now as I look around, it is beginning to look a little sparse.  This makes me wonder if we acquire things because we think they "finish" a room.  I am loving the rooms with open space on the shelves and drawers with only a few items in them.  How many things are acquired just to fill up empty space?  Now I can find what I need!  I am quite certain that a lot of things purchased are actually replacements for things that just can't be found.  Let's not discuss how many pairs of nail clippers I have come across.  Yes, they only cost a couple of dollars each but you get the point.  If you can't find it you can't use it and if you need it you'll go get it.  Right?

Today I am letting go of:

1.  Yet another jean jacket - do you think I'll be sorry if I get rid of all of them?
2.  A red Patagonia jacket - I wear it because I think it makes me look sporty but I don't really like it.  Who am I kidding?
3.  A blue Columbia lightweight jacket (I need to keep maybe two jackets, right?)
4.  A pair of ski pants
5.  Another aluminum tennis racket

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