Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Fifty Nine

Munchkins in the meadow!  My sister is visiting and brought her grandchildren for their first ever visit to my house.  They live in a small town and it is their biggest overnight trip so far; they are 4 and 6.  They fed the chickens, played in the sprinklers and walked through the meadow in flowers as tall as they are.  I also took them to see Despicable Me, their first ever movie in a theater.  It has been a magical day.  Tomorrow we're going to put a fairy door at the base of a tree together to give the tiny beings a way to come to the meadow.  :-)

Today I let go of:

1.  A plastic baseball bat
2.  One of those hanger thingys that let you put five things on it and then drop it vertically
3.  A linen Nehru jacket - boxy and old lady lookin'
4.  A baseball
5.  A big squirt gun

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