Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Twenty Six

Today is my youngest son's 17th birthday.  He's kind and creative and loving and super cool.  It is so interesting to watch my kids become who they are and find their way.  Their roads aren't without the occasional pothole but they are proving to be an inventive and resilient bunch.  They all have relationships with people I like and they all treat me well.  They can all definitely make me belly laugh.  I'm so blessed.

Gonna go barbecue some birthday burgers but first, these things go today:

1.  A fax machine, simple but in good working order
2.  A white button down blouse with ruffles
3.  Another white button down blouse (could these really be from when I was a poker dealer?)
4.  A short denim jumper with embroidery on it
5.  A purple cardigan with tiny buttons


  1. You are blessed! Also, you are a huge inspiration to let go of things that "might be useful, to someone, someday". Today, the space "things" occupied will become useful to me. Because, yesterday, I let go of six pairs of sunglasses, scratched, bent... now i have "new" drawer space!

    Kimbo, the pictures of the valley view are lovely, and that landscape calls to me as well. Cheers!

  2. I am very touched by the number of people who are sending me emails or posting here or on my Facebook page about how this has inspired them to get rid of "stuff". My friend Constance gave me a little feng shui book about the power of clearing your clutter years ago. I had forgotten about that until recently as I swear that this process is changing things. Changing ME. Good feng shui! :-)



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