Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Twenty Nine

I asked a friend this morning if I should include things I sell on my blog.  After all, I'm getting rid of them, right?  I liked what she had to say, "As long as they leave your possession honorably it's okay. Selling is good, especially to help finance the next chapter."   So I'm going to try to sell some of the bigger ticket items I have and put the money towards building a Gypsy Wagon.  Wish me luck.  Anyone dying to buy a hydroseeder?  ;-)

I'm working on a chicken coop and I can't help it, I have to make it cool.  I'm putting a mosaic on the roof and playing around with my roofing felt (organic made from recycled paper) to see what I can do.  Look for a picture tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've scurried around and found the following to put on the pile.  THREE things came from the garage:

1.  A 6" bright yellow ceramic pot for plants
2.  A 6" baby chick feeder (metal)
3.  Another one just like the other one (see #2)
4.  A robin's egg blue linen blouse that buttons down the front.  You have to iron the plackets and I'm just not going to iron.
5.  A sheer black number...'nuf said.  Honestly, Kimbo, you crack me up sometimes.


  1. Is the gate with the glass inserts up? Too cool to do a mosaic on the roof. You are da bomb!

    Selling things is the same as getting rid of them unless you buy things to make more things to sell.

  2. One vision of the interior of the Gypsy Wagon:

    This chick is a hoot!!

  3. While I admire the tenacity and determination necessary to accomplish that, it looks like something out of a psychedelic Alice in Wonderland. It will be tricky enough to deal with laundry on the road without need to run my ceiling through the laundromat!

  4. More inspiration for you!

    Linda Allison

  5. Oh! Have you heard about Finisia Medrano? Amazing story, although she no longer travels as far as I know.


  6. Dang it, Linda! I'm supposed to be gathering things up and writing something for the blog and I'm lost in the links. I'd seen some of them but certainly not all. Sigh...I love the really romantic ones. I have something in mind like gypsy meets earth mother meets shabby chic with a nice dose of permaculture symbolism thrown in. Thank you for the links. I had seen that article about Finisia Medrano, she was so committed!



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