Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Twenty Eight

I have a numb spot between my shoulder blades from being at a computer too long today so I'm gonna keep this short.  I want serious bonus points for finding FOUR out of five items in the hot, dusty garage.  Gonna go watch the sun shine for a while now.  Love to all.

Onto the pile today go the following:

1.  A PetSafe Cat Flap that I was going to install a few years ago and never got around to
2.  An Ultra Packmax thingy that allows you to shink a comforter roughly the size of an elephant into a sandwich sized baggy.  Anything that requires a vacuum to operate is permanently scratched off my list.
3.  A kid's bicycle helmet in great shape
4.  Three more stretchy fabric book covers - what the heck were they doing in the garage?  Who knows?  I found a stick of butter in the desk once.
5.  A brand new pair of black Levi's.  Now that I've shrunk enough to fit in them I seem to be taller - they're way too short!

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  1. Sissy I am finally a member!!!! I just love that you found a stick of butter in your desk. Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.... ;)



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