Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Thirty Seven

On the scale of difficulty when letting things go, today has been the hardest.  I made the decision to sell my goats.  I've had the two adult females for five years and the baby was born a year ago.  I originally bought the girls when I was busy doing different experiments about sustainability.  Before deciding to set up a sustainable homestead out in the middle of nowhere I figured it would be a good idea to practice a bit first and see what I have an appetite for actually doing.  So I bred them and tried to milk them but alas, I was a total milking flumperdump.  I couldn't ever get it right and only managed to annoy the girls.  Gone were the dreams of big glasses of cold, fresh goat milk, wheels of wonderful cheeses, grapes stuffed with cream cheese.  So since I'll be hitting the road next year I didn't want to breed them and try again and it seemed smarter to handle this detail sooner rather than later.  A nice family with three children took all three of them back to their home in Jackson, California.  They'll be 4-H projects for the kids.  I'll miss them and their antics and their affection very much.  I bawled like a baby when they left.  The proceeds from their sale goes now into the Gypsy Wagon fund, I have a jar.

Here's today's lineup:

1.  Black jeans - I'm only keeping one pair of black pants, who needs more?
2.  White t-shirt (old lady looking)
3.  Dotsy
4.  Lolly
5.  Lil' Miss Trudy Pants

Lolly and Lil Miss Trudy Pants



  1. They were awfully cute and I know how much pleasure they brought to you Sister. I will miss them as well. I like the idea that they will be with kids and 4-H projects. They will have a good life. How fun to have a Gypsy fund jar! Keep filling it up Sissy! You will be coming out here to be with me. I can't wait. Love you so BIG.... ;)



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