Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Thirty Six

I live in a two story house.  I live downstairs and my teenage son lives upstairs.  Other than prepping the guest room for the occasional overnight guest I rarely go up there.  I wandered up today to look in a file I keep there and realized just how many "things" are up there to get rid of.  I have those great little closets under the eaves of the house that I haven't been in for years.  Afraid of what I might find actually.  So I just opened the game closet and the medicine cabinet and found today's offerings.  Silly me - I was starting to wonder if I'd run out of things in less than a year.  Ha!  Bonus today; I took photos of the mosaic and uploaded them.  :-)

Missed the weekend dropoff so am taking all items to Goodwill myself today.  Including the following:

1.  Texas Hold Em portable video game - new in package
2.  Hearts portable video game - new in package
3.  Space Invaders portable video game - new in package
4.  Kitchen food scale
5.  Full bottle of Tom's Natural toothpaste in "Goofy Grape"

It all started with a sketch....


  1. WOW!!! Honey Bunny, you are just the best and brightest!! This is fab and I hope those chickens appreciate it. I was picturing something like the gate cap but you out did yourself. Wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Tee. I miss you bad today. :-(

  3. The mosaic is SO awesome, Kim, I love it. I'm keeping this window open until later so I can come back and drink in the eye candy. Excellent work, girlie, as always.

    HUGS! Jackie



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