Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Thirty Eight

Project chicken coop complete.  Project ornamental gate panel complete.  Little by little, one task at a time, I'm polishing my place up.  The meadow out front is blooming in a dazzling array of flowers and grasses and the fragrance from the Palmer's penstemons and the autumn olives is heady.  The new chickens are happy in their home and for this moment all seems right in my world.

Today's contributions to the "to go" bucket are:

1.  A gray blouse with funny toggle thingys that hold it closed, pain in the neck to fasten
2.  A beige blouse that is just plain and ugly
3.  A southwest colors gradient fade type print blouse - on this day it seems very old lady looking
4.  A canvas book bag from a conference attended years ago
4.  A long skinny nylon duffle bag

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