Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Thirty One

One of the categories that is going to be hard for me to edit is textiles.  I'm a sucker for a beautiful blanket, afghan, set of sheets, pair of pillowcases, tablecloth, napkin.  I have LOTS of them and I'm not exactly sure how to determine what to keep and what to let go.  I only need so many for myself of course but am also aware that the kids may someday really appreciate being given a baby blanket that was theirs or a quilt they used to cover up with on the couch.  So I'm going to admit that I'll end up putting some into long term storage as much as I hate to.

I can, however, let go of the following today:

1.  A patchwork pillow sham
2.  Some fabric left over from when I had the slipcovers for the couch made - mango yellow with tiny red monkeys (yes, I'm serious)
3.  Some beautiful cotton yardage with tiny little cherries and leaves that I meant to make sundresses for the twins from but never did
4.  A little stand up magnifying glass that you are supposed to look through to do detail work
5.  A ceramic 5x7 inch picture frame

Now back to my chicken coop project!

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  1. There aren't any free stores in Reno, are there? IGI would be the coolest place for one, but I know that ain't happenin. It would be so neat to be able to donate all this stuff to one.

    Love you lots. :3



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