Friday, June 4, 2010

Day Sixteen

First blog posting in the morning. I usually wander around during the day thinking about what I'll get rid of. Today I'm hitting the road early so I have to just do a hit and run. Packing my overnight bag made it easy to find things from my closet.

On the way out the door these things made it onto the pile:

1. A lime green chiffon blouse (I swear I am sometimes possessed by some strange demon when shopping - shouldn't be allowed to do it unaccompanied)
2. A linen tank top
3. A nice, soft, white twin sheet (no twin beds in the house anymore)
4. A Sony Discman
5. A bag with a picture of a girl wearing red high heeled shoes (these are beaded) and pink hot pants (these are covered in sequins) ((see comment under number 1.))

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