Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day Seventeen

Today is the first time since I've started the blog where I just really didn't feel like gathering up five things. I've been up at Lake Tahoe at an artists' retreat with a fabulous group of women and all that sharing and learning and creating and conversing and fresh air have just wiped me out. I want a big glass of red wine, my feet up on the couch and exquisite quiet. However, I am committed both to this course of action and the reporting on it so I'll share a really nice quote written by Angela Berenstein, the creator and writer for a blog entitled "The Energy Budget" which helped me get my sh*t together tonight:

"When I uphold the integrity of my commitment to myself, I build an intangible power within myself. I hold this and it feels great. The more I keep my integrity in times of temptation, the more power I build, the more it accumulates in my being."

And so it goes. With a great feeling of satisfaction, I've put the following five items in the "to go" pile this evening:

1. A huge heart shaped cookie cutter
2. A pair of shot glasses that say "Goodbye 1999" (I say, "Goodbye shot glasses")
3. A sugar shaker
4. A cup designed specifically for left handed people
5. A small Aladdin thermos for soup in your lunch box

Woo hoo! I did it.


  1. welcome home! cookie cutter oh yes! to make handmade paper hearts! please!

  2. Thought you might feel that way! I'll add it to your others. According to the rules you must take possession soon. :-)

  3. Kim! What does this sugar shaker look like? Our last one was glass and broke so, alas, we are without one. Also, what is this magical cup designed specifically for lefties?

  4. Christian, it is a glass container with a silver top with holes in it. I used to keep cinnamon sugar in it to make cinnamon toast for the kids. The cup is white with a cool, curvy handle for lefties. Want them? Trade you for a slideshow script installation. ;-)



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