Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day Eighteen

Wind, wind go away
Come again another day

I can handle any kind of weather except the wind. Odd, my mother loved it so. She would delight in the branches bending in the wind and the rusling of the leaves. I try to go out and just embrace it but for me it is like someone plugged me in to a vacuum hose and started sucking the life juice out. It wears me out and sends me in.

My youngest child had his last full day of school. I've had a child in school for 19 years. Operation "Gypsy" is barreling down on me at a good clip now. Ready.

Medicine cabinet is almost empty:

1. Bottle of White Shoulders cologne
2. Bottle of Curve cologne
3. Bottle of Gardenia cologne
4. Bottle of Clinique 'Happy' cologne
5. 6 bottles of nail polish - I used to be able to wear it on my toes in the summer but now can't even handle that....too toxic for me

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  1. Awesome! Those kids are sure lucky to have such an awesome mom! I don't care much for the wind, absolutely tired of wind and clouds. At least it is a warm wind... for me that makes a difference.



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