Monday, June 7, 2010

Day Nineteen

"Gypsy Tour" was initially just about the concept of traveling with no agenda. The original plan was to go from place to place staying with people I know and love for differing lengths of time depending on the circumstances. I figured I'd spread positive energy and do something nice for everyone who "kept" me; build a cob oven, put in a garden, wallpaper a bathroom (grin). I'd live inexpensively and earn money by selling art jewelry along the way. The plan hit a snag when I imagined taking over someone's kitchen table for a couple of weeks while I worked on pieces. So I am now seriously considering building myself a rolling art studio and figure a bed of my own isn't a bad idea either. Naturally I've come around to the idea of it being crafted in the style of a gypsy caravan. I get bids on SIP panels and a trailer chassis tomorrow....stay tuned. If I do it, I'll chronicle the progress here along with the possession shucking. Pics of modern wagon and an old school. I envision high tech/old world styling.

Shucked today:

1. A children's book about how to draw animals
2. A 3" 3 ring black binder
3. A package of wide ruled notebook paper
4. Twelve stretchy cloth book covers
5. A pattern for making doll clothes

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