Friday, May 21, 2010

Day Two

Actually struggled a bit with kitchen things.  I have a silicone mold for a cake that is in the shape of a rose.  Totally corny, I know.  AND, I've never baked in it, not once.  Yet I couldn't put it in the "to go" pile.  Why?  I guess for the same reason it appealed to me when I bought it; I imagine a beautiful cake covered in smooth-as-glass chocolate ganache and I reel with delight.  I'm not eating sugar these days but make a great sugar free cake and yes! sugar free chocolate ganache icing.  So here's the deal;  I'll bake myself a beautiful cake in that pan and post a picture of it before the end of July or I have to get rid of it on August 1st.  Somebody may need to remind me, the memory isn't what it used to be lately.

So, here's what I've liberated myself from today:
1.  A red chafing dish.
2.  Stack of Corelle 7" plates 12 high.
3.  Stack of Corelle saucers 21 high.
4.  Stack of Corelle 6 ounce bowls 6 high.
5.  Large glass bowl with straight sides - I think it is called a "trifle bowl" but since I'm not sure what a trifle is and reasonably sure I'm not going to be making one for myself anytime soon it goes.  Lovely bowl.

Thanks for the Corelle a million years ago, BJ.  It served my big family well.  As I was taking it out of the cupboard one slid off and met the tile floor - impressive explosion!

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