Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day One

Ok, first day for my "5 A Day" journal.  My dear friend Terry came all the way from South Carolina to visit me last week.  Her brother came over from San Rafael to see her and for whatever reason they cleared all the stuff from above my kitchen cabinets when I was at work.  It is nice to have friends with brothers who are 6'4" tall.
The stuff has been sitting in the front yard waiting to be cleaned and sorted.  Something about cleaning things I'm getting rid of is a pain but I can't imagine taking greasy, dusty stuff to Goodwill.  I've kept a couple of the things and my daughter took the nice copper trays but I will donate:

1.  Large Rubbermaid container that used to hold zillions of cookies when I had to make them for school events.
2.  Glass platter with a well for dip in the center.
3.  Glass deviled egg tray.
4.  HUGE cookie sheet.  This thing doesn't even fit in my oven, I guess it could be a sled in the winter...
5.  Clear glass vase.  You know the kind; you get flowers in it and then a week later after they die you put it under your kitchen sink - or above the cupboards. ;-)

Also threw away a couple of old trays/platters with chips in them.

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