Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day Three

I bought myself a Honda Fit.  It is the first brand new car I've ever owned.  I used the money the government gave me through the Cash for Clunkers program.  My old Jeep was literally on its last trip as I drove to the dealership to pick up the Honda.  It broke down about 2 miles before my destination and I laid my head down on the steering wheel and implored the universe to do me the small favor of allowing it to start just one more time.  I turned the key and it purred like a kitten, took off and sputtered to its death in the parking lot of the dealership.  Some things, it would appear, are meant to be.  Now I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to fit into a Honda fit with an 80 pound German Shepherd, my tools, clothes, toiletries, my treasured pillow and my clay studio.  I might really need a Gypsy wagon.....

Today I let go of:
1.  About 8 polymer clay canes I'd made over the past few years.  I gave them to a clay artist who will put them too good use making lovely things.
2.  A pair of skis to an incredibly endearing 14 year old friend.
3.  A pair of ski boots to go with them.
4.  A bag of clothing - mostly stuff I have kept for sentimental reasons, amazing that we can get sentimental over clothes.
5.  A bag of groceries from the pantry for a food drive.  What possesses me to buy canned pineapple?

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