Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day Four

Had a great time today with my sculpting friends who are kind enough to include me in spite of the fact that sculpting is not my strong suit.  It was pointed out to me that when I post stacks of things instead of counting them individually it may mean that my house is empty way before  the term of this blog is up.  It is a good point because how will I truly track the number of items if I lump things together?  So today I'm going to do it by the book...ha ha ha.  Funny joke because I've tackled just that, my books.

I'm letting go of:
1.  The State of Mind Called Beautiful
2.  A Woman's Worth
3.  The Lavender Garden
4.  Creative Clay Jewelry
5.  Internet Texas Hold 'em


  1. This is Awesome Kimbo!! You are such an inspiration. xo

  2. self-help books are weird. how often do you think they're purchased during a temporary state of unhappiness or insecurity?

  3. and you have the balls to pick on MY reading choices.

  4. Yes, Leah, you're right. I have shelves full of them and I can now honestly say they've served me well and I can let them go. Terry, are you gonna ridicule me for each and every one of what will surely be dozens of books? If so maybe I should sneak them in one a day instead of grouping them so they won't be such easy targets!



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