Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day Ten

Tenth day, 50th item! I've been told that the toiletries that I was going to put down the drain would be welcomed by those who are homeless.  Such things as good shampoo and sweet smelling lotion are easy for me to take for granted or just not give much thought to.  If I buy a hair care product and it doesn't make my hair fabulous I just shelve it and buy a different one.  So the following five items as well as the ones from yesterday and any other useful personal care items that I let go of will be humbly donated to the homeless people living downtown in tent city.  May they bring a modicum of comfort to some who need it.

1.  Mane 'n Tail conditioner
2.  Large tube of Garnier hair gel
3.  Bottle of Body Milk Skin Fitness Lotion
4.  Organics Wild Honey Body Lotion
5.  Spa Therapy echinacea & meadowsweet body lotion

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  1. Golly, I'm (nearly) speechless. The bathroom is one of the few areas in my life where I guess I have some control. In a good way, I mean. :-) I feel weird if I have more than one bottle of shampoo or conditioner at any given time.



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