Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Nine

Way too busy to wax poetic about this stuff today.  However, my absolute pledge to myself was that no matter what is going on I will find five things to get rid of each and every day.  So I made a quick pass through the bathroom and EUREKA! What a motherlode that is going to be.  I have a nose like a hound dog and it is very easily overwhelmed.  On today's chopping block:

1.  A bottle of Orange Ginger lotion.
2.  A bottle of Lavender hand lotion.
3.  A bottle of Wild Honey body mist.
4.  A jar of "Crystal infused body cream with quartz (!), apricot and grapeseed oil.
5.  Most of a bottle of Vanilla Musk cologne.  It doesn't smell nearly as nice on me as it does on Claudia.

Gone gone gone.  Really can't donate partial bottles of cosmetics so I will empty the contents and recycle the containers.

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