Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Six

I let go of a piece of myself today.  Woke up from a nap and was compelled to get a haircut.  Googled  "Gypsy Haircut" and voila!  I found a cut called the Shattered Shag and went for it.  It is a severe A-line cut; I shake and go and I'm a cap of curls.  Woo hoo...

I suppose letting go of my tresses doesn't count so I've walked through the house and garage and selected the following:

1.  A package of quilt batting.
2.  One shovel, wooden handle with rounded tip.
3.  Fencepost pounder.
4.  Round plastic saucer for sledding.
5.  Television remote given to me as a joke - 5"x12" ha ha ha.


  1. Awesome Kim! Glad you like your new haircut!

  2. Are we going to see pics of said haircut?

  3. Oh how I could use a fencepost pounder and shovel! Do you still have em? I'll be in Reno on Friday! Linda Allison truckeegirl@hotmail.com or on your facebook page. : ) Love what your big plan is, wish I could go with!



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