Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day Seven

I've gone a little bit nuts lately.  I'm forgetting things, having serious mood swings and climate changes and have taken on a plethora of projects.  I'm currently knitting a bathroom curtain, starting a sweater for my son, co-crocheting a cardigan from granny squares with my daughter and have a 7' wide beaded shawl on my circular needles and have purchased yarn for twin baby hats/booties of a yet to be determined pattern.   And I am also delving ever deeper into silver art clay.  My interest in projects changes over time!  I blame this last bout squarely on T.  So, with all that in mind and in the hopes that they will find a place in someone else's capable hands, today I release:

1.  Bolt of very sixties, groovy fabric.
2.  Bag of assorted embroidery floss.
3.  Old afghan in need of repair made by someone I can't remember.
4.  Another bag of quilt batting.
5.  Wicker chest filled with flat fold fabrics.


  1. Oh, I knew this would come back to bite me. That's all right...misery loves company. Did your really get the yarn for Reese's sweater too? Yikes! As my sainted, bitter Irish grandma would say: You're a wonder but you can't eat soap.

  2. Oh my. Yikes! That IS a bitter Irish thing to say. Silly girl, I didn't buy it all at once. Yes, I've heard of dye lots but the kids haven't so don't say anything. And I abjectly refuse to follow the link to more knitting patterns that you sent me.

  3. I've DEFINITELY heard of dye lots, ahem, and if you can please make sure the colors for our cardigan are of the same one. Jeez.



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